Home exercise safety points

Before you can enjoy your home exercise sessions,  there are some home safety points that you have to check before you participate

  • I am fit and well before I practice any of the videos or join the live sessions
  • I have good lighting in the area where I’m going to be exercising in
  • I have enough room where I want to exercise, i can safely walk 4 steps all around my chair without bumping into anything or anyone
  • My room is well ventilated
  • I have checked for trailing wires and loose rugs
  • My pets are safely isolated in another room so i can exercise without the risk of tripping over them
  • My exercise space is free of clutter & the immediate floor space around my chair is clear of handbags and other household items
  • I have a suitable chair to exercise in ( a dinning chair is great, with or without arms to suit your needs)
  • I have a drink of water safely at hand
  • I am wearing suitable clothing and footwear
  • I have read the Fit4Life disclaimer
Getting down and back up off the floor safely
Participant testimonial (Back off the floor)