DISCLAIMER You should consult your Dr before starting any fitness program, to determine if its the right type of exercise that suits your needs, This is particularly true if you have any diagnosed health concerns, if you have experienced any chest pain when exercising or in the last month have felt any chest pain while not engaging in any exercise, seek your Drs advice first, also Speak to your Dr if you have any bone or joint problems that could be made worse with any new physical activity, if you feel like you may faint, feel dizzy have pain or have any shortness of breath while exercising you should stop immediately and seek medical attention & always make sure that you feel well on the day your going to exercise, I recommend you watch the videos first, before attempting them so that you know what we’re going to do and so that you are well prepared beforehand, you are responsible for your own health and safety at all times as such as by visiting our group and page and participating in the videos

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