Christeen`s Story

Hi my name is Chris, I started working with Leigh in April 2014

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After 10 years of illness and an extended stay in hospital, we began exercise sat in chairs and gradually progressed to a hours full workout and recently we have been using the out door gym equipment sited by the park in Newport, Telford, at first it was hard work but with Leigh`s help and support my progress has been fantastic, teamed up with regular massages also from Leigh, a holistic approach to my recovery I feel better than I have done in years!

My recovery hasn’t been easy but with all the help I have been given and the support from my family and friends, I now have confidence! My recovery has far to go, but I know that I can do it!

Tony`s Story…

On the 25th March 2006 I was in a house fire. After eight months in hospital I was discharged in December and told that I was not expected to walk again and would require 24/7 care.

Rehabilitation help was sparse, and so in May 2006 I travelled to my daughters home in New Zealand where the help I needed was readily available, although costly.

Returning home in November 2007 I searched for continued help with my rehabilitation, but again I found the help offered to was lacking within the UK public sector. Again I turned to seeking help elsewhere.

In January 2008 I was given the name of  Leigh Denley. This was the point where my rehabilitation took a new direction. Leigh a specialised  fitness trainer. Rehabilitation was based on getting me physically fitter and stronger and then working on balance and coordination. I am now walking distances of up to  3Km, with the aid of crutches.

Plus weekly Work outs at my local gym. My progress is such that without Leigh I am sure that the prognosis on leaving hospital would have been correct. With the help of Leigh I am looking forward to a more active life.

Leigh makes becoming fitter a pleasure.

I can fully recommend Leigh Denley.

Mrs J Evans & Mrs H Lane

Cute as a button – vivacious full of glee Screen shot 2014-06-16 at 20.42.32

that’s our fitness instructor & her name is Leigh.

She bends us this way and that way & turns us inside out

stretches us upwards and outwards never a doubt!

Leigh’s moto is “You can do it – just try it you will see”

push your bum outwards and squat from the knee

grapevine to the right or chest press 1-2-3

try a little zumba ” come on girls smile for me”

Think of the summer girls – practice deep breathing

“hey look at the clock Leigh – time we were leaving”

but No she wants us to try a few more weights ” don’t worry about time we can always run late”

So till next week, practice at home!

because Leigh with keep fit is like a dog with a bone!

But we all love Leigh dearly we couldn’t do better    as we stretch for the last time, and get out `hell for leather`

Thank you Janet & Hazel ` I Love it`

Mr W Dennis

My name is Wilfred Dennis, and I have been in a lot of pain, especially since I have had my knee replacement, I have been to the hospital and seen by consultants where I received injections, but they haven’t done anything to help, But since i have been visiting Leigh at Fit4Life, I can honestly say I have been a lot better, the pain I had has but almost gone, I feel better in myself more relaxed, you don`t realise  how much stress pain puts you through, I am very thankful to Leigh for the treatment that I have received